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Welcome to Mortgage Loan Processors Of America (MLPA) – Your Trusted Partner in Mortgage Processing Excellence!

In a world where the financial landscape is ever-changing, MLPA stands as a beacon of reliability and expertise. For over three decades, we have honed our skills to become the leading NMLS licensed independent mortgage loan processing company in the nation. Our rich heritage is built on a firm foundation of integrity, excellence, and unparalleled customer service.

About Us

About Us

Welcome to Mortgage Loan Processors Of America (MLPA) – Where Excellence Meets Reliability in Mortgage Processing!

Navigating through the dynamic realm of finance, MLPA emerges as a powerhouse of proficiency and reliability. For over thirty years, we’ve sculpted our capabilities to become the eminent NMLS licensed independent mortgage loan processing company nationwide. Our distinguished legacy is rooted in commitment, first-rate quality, and unmatched customer engagement.

Our Legacy

Embarking on this path over three decades ago, MLPA envisioned a simplified, streamlined mortgage loan processing experience that would transcend expectations. Today, our proficiency translates into fluid processing solutions, establishing a trustworthy cornerstone for mortgage professionals everywhere.

Why MLPA is Your Ideal Choice?

Pioneering Experience: Boasting over 30 years in the sector, we are your reservoir of knowledge and expertise, capable of addressing any processing challenges with adeptness.

National Footprint: Our national standing as an independent mortgage loan processing entity empowers us to cater to clients across the vast stretches of the United States. Our expansive network ensures that we’re ever-present to assist you.

Strict Compliance & Licensing: Upholding our NMLS licensing reflects our staunch commitment to maintaining the highest echelons of industry compliance and ethical practices.

Bespoke Solutions:

Recognizing the distinct needs of every mortgage professional, we design solutions that are in perfect harmony with your business objectives.

  • Client-First Philosophy: At the heart of MLPA lies a deep-seated commitment to client satisfaction. We pledge to offer a service experience that keeps you abreast and supported throughout each phase of the process.

Our Future Trajectory

As we set our sights on the horizon, our ambition is to remain industry trailblazers, continually evolving to meet the demands of a fluid market landscape. Our aspiration is to cultivate enduring alliances with our clientele, grounded on the principles of trust, transparency, and reciprocal prosperity.

Connect With Us

Experience the MLPA distinction today. We warmly welcome you to partner with us on this voyage of growth and distinction. Contact our adept team to explore how we can enhance your mortgage loan processing ventures.

Thank you for choosing Mortgage Loan Processors Of America. Together, we craft the future, one loan at a time.



Initial Loan Review

The initial loan review is a pivotal step in the mortgage loan process where the loan application and accompanying documents are meticulously evaluated to ascertain the applicant’s creditworthiness.

Loan Disclosures

Mortgage loan disclosures are essential documents provided by lenders to borrowers during the loan process, elucidating all pertinent details and terms associated with the prospective loan.

Underwriting Conditions

Underwriting conditions are specific requirements set forth by the underwriter during the loan approval process to mitigate potential risks and ensure the transaction aligns with lending guidelines and regulations.

Loan File Setup

Loan File Setup is the initial and crucial phase in the mortgage loan process where all pertinent documents and information are systematically assembled to create a comprehensive loan file.

Submission to Underwriting

Submission to underwriting marks a significant step in the mortgage loan process where the complete loan file, compiled with all the necessary documents and verifications, is forwarded to an underwriter for a thorough evaluation.

Final Underwriting Approval

The “Clear to Close” (CTC), representing the final underwriting approval in the mortgage process, is a monumental milestone where the lender confirms that the borrower has met all the necessary conditions and requirements for the loan.

Rate Lock requests

Rate lock requests represent a significant milestone in the mortgage loan process where the interest rate for the loan is secured and protected from market fluctuations for a specified period.

Order Outs

In the mortgage process, third-party order outs refer to the essential services and evaluations that are required to be conducted by external specialists to complete the loan approval procedure.

Final Loan Documents

The culmination of the mortgage process is marked by the preparation of the final loan documents, a comprehensive set of legal paperwork that outlines the agreed terms and conditions between the lender and the borrower.
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At Mortgage Loan Processors of America, we pride ourselves on our vast expertise in handling a diverse range of mortgage loan products. Our seasoned team is adept at processing an array of loans – from traditional fixed-rate mortgages to adjustable-rate mortgages, government-backed FHA and VA loans, jumbo loans for luxury properties, interest-only mortgages, and even specialized products like reverse mortgages and balloon mortgages. Collaborating with mortgage brokers nationwide, we ensure every client finds the perfect fit for their unique needs, facilitating swift and seamless transactions every step of the way.

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Reverse Mortgage Loans

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The One-Stop Shop for All Mortgage Processing Needs: Mortgage Loan Processors of America.

Navigating the myriad of mortgage loan options can be daunting. That’s where Mortgage Loan Processors of America steps in. We offer exhaustive processing services for a plethora of mortgage products tailored to different buyer needs. Whether it’s first-time homebuyers looking for a conventional loan, veterans opting for VA loans, or seasoned investors eyeing interest-only products, our team ensures that every application is processed with precision and speed. Partnering with dedicated mortgage brokers, we’re here to simplify and expedite the homeownership journey for every American.

Our executive team

Our executive team

Christy L. Frantz

NMLS# 2492826

Jasmin Leal

NMLS# 320434

Jamie Holabird

NMLS# 1029662


It's not every day you come across a team that dedicates itself wholeheartedly to serving those who have served our nation. As the Branch Manager at ADPI, I have had the immense privilege of witnessing firsthand how the Mortgage Loan Processors of American (MLPA) goes above and beyond to assist our nation's heroes.
Bradley Osterman
ADPI Branch Manager
Their proactive approach and readiness to adapt have facilitated smooth and seamless transactions, which has not only enhanced our productivity but also significantly elevated our customer satisfaction levels. MLPA's expertise has acted as a catalyst in accelerating our growth trajectory, helping us stay ahead in this competitive landscape.
Their team's commitment to delivering exceptional service is evident in their meticulous attention to detail and the consistent quality of their work. MLPA understands the dynamics of the evolving market and has equipped themselves with cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches that have invariably added value to our operations.
Joseph S. Restivo
President & CEO of AmNet

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